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Man repairing and replacing roof shingles on a house roof

There comes a time when you have to consider whether to repair or replace your roof regardless of its materials. Your choice depends on several factors, including the roof’s age on your house and its materials. If your roof has minor damage, a simple shingle swapping can restore it to its original state, especially if it is only a few years old. On the contrary, leaky roofs may require total replacement. This article looks at both scenarios to help you choose the best roofing option when the time comes.

Reasons for Roof Repair

Replacing asphalt shingles on the roof can give you peace of mind, especially if the damage to the roof is less extensive. Hopking Custom Roofing can remove and replace torn shingles, slipping new ones into place. Roof repair makes it possible to maintain good roofs, save money (it costs less), and keep classic roofs in good shape. It is also cheaper than replacing the roof. Here are some signs that you might be able to simply repair your roof:

1. Damage to the Roof Is Only Minor

Where your roof is slightly damaged, a complete roof replacement will be unnecessarily expensive. That’s because you will have to remove and replace good shingles with new ones. After all, only an old roof that has outlasted its lifespan needs replacement. If the signs of damage are only in a small area, contact us and we’ll be happy to fix it for you.

Minor roof issues that require minor repairs include broken or dislodged shingles and small roof leaks. If your roof has minor holes, we can patch them up with little or no effort. It doesn’t make sense to invest in a new roof when all that is needed is minor repair work. That also applies to the situation where the damage is only aesthetic but not structural. In that case, a simple roof repair would do the trick regardless of the materials used.

2. You Are Short on Finances

Perhaps you desire to replace your roof with a new one, but you aren’t ready to meet the cost of new roof shingles. That means you should consider doing a simple roof repair that can help you prevent leaks and save money. If you choose the roof replacement option, you would have to start by re-installing the deck, shingles, and gutter. You would be surprised how cost-effective roof repair compares with replacing the roof. The money you save can go into some more urgent tasks around your home.

A new roof can sometimes cost an arm and a leg, something problematic to the average homeowner in the short term. Perhaps you have just noticed a leak in the middle of winter, and your finances are already committed to loan repayment, buying a new car, or saving for a holiday. That would mean roof replacement isn’t a top priority, at least for now. You may require two layers of shingles, which doesn’t necessitate overhauling the entire structure. Instead, contact us to have it repaired at a more affordable cost.

It is worth noting that homeowner insurance does typically cover the majority of the cost of roof replacements. At Hopkins Custom Roofing, we will negotiate on your behalf with your insurance company to ensure you aren’t breaking the bank if your roof needs a full replacement. Call us at (903) 387-2344 and we can give you a free estimate.

3. It Is an Emergency

Leaks can appear at the most unexpected times. Perhaps for the better part of the year, the roof has withstood the rain and wind only to start leaking suddenly. In an emergency, it doesn’t make sense to try replacing the entire roof. You can call in a roofing contractor and have broken shingles replaced with new ones.

A slightly damaged roof may just require installing a new layer of asphalt shingles, which is more affordable. Besides, you can call a contractor on short notice and have the roof repaired quickly for peace of mind.

4. You Had a Recent Roof Replacement

There is usually no need to replace a roof, especially if you installed or replaced it recently. Given how expensive a new roof can be, repairing can help prevent leaks and prolong its life. You can have a roofing contractor replace broken shingles to keep your roof in good shape. For example, your roof might have recently suffered minor damage during a hail storm. Roof replacement may turn out to be too expensive for you to afford.

When you consider that most homeowners buy a new roof once or twice in their lifetime, then roof replacement shouldn’t be too frequent. Furthermore, most roofing materials should last longer than you can live in the home. Therefore, it is typically not necessary for you to do a roof replacement twice in your home. So always think of roof repair first when you notice an existing roof leak.

When Roof Replacement Becomes Necessary

Several reasons may necessitate roof replacement regardless of how old the house is. When you replace a roof, you will get a completely new roof that can remain solid and fresh, requiring no repairs shortly. Besides, your new roof will comply better with prevailing roofing codes compared with the old one. Finally, you will revitalize your property and increase its value, especially if you intend to sell it. Here are five situations that may necessitate a complete roof replacement.

1. Your Roof is Too Old to Repair

If your roof is more than 20 years old, the chances are that you need to replace it. However, how soon that should happen depends on the roofing material used. In that case, clay and metal roofing materials can last for a lifetime. However, asphalt shingles reach their sell-by date within two decades and would require replacement. Also, the type of roofing material determines whether a roof would have a consistent color with minor repairs. In that case, wood shingles may have different colors due to greying with prolonged use.

Mainly, the color change indicates that shingles are past their sell-by date and require changing. If you change only a portion of the roofing shingles, the patchiness won’t escape the observant eye. Apart from controlling moisture leakage, you should seek to maintain visual consistency when fixing your roof. That means asking a roofing contractor to complete roof replacement by getting rid of the old shingles. If your home isn’t visible to passersby, visual consistency wouldn’t be such a huge issue.

2. The Roof Is Damaged Beyond Repair

The chances are that the damage to your roof is beyond repair, regardless of its age. Repairing the top would do little to fix the massive damage. Therefore, it is better to replace your roof by having completely new layers of shingles. For example, when a tree falls onto your roof, you might need to replace the roof. Similarly, an extensively leaky roof that needs mere shingle replacement won’t work. In that case, you should consider roofing your house with a new layer of shingles all over again.

Under normal circumstances, roofs need repair only when the damage isn’t more than 30 percent. You can ask your roofing contractor to advise you on what you should do. If the damage is too much, the contractor will tell you to consider purchasing a new roof.

3. To Comply With Current Building Codes

Sometimes you need a new roof to comply with the ever-changing building codes. Like other homeowners, you may want to comply with existing building codes by installing at least two layers of new shingles. However, that’s not possible without fresh roofing.

Why is it essential to comply with current building codes? When the time comes for you to sell your home, the authorities in your area might prevent you from doing it. But it is difficult for you to know whether or not your roof meets the local building code. That’s why you should ask a professional roofing contractor such as Hopking Custom Roofing to assess your roof and advise you on what you should do. The contractor can then take steps to help you become compliant.

4. You Don’t Want Stop-Gap Measures

Since roof repairs might only act as a stop-gap measure, having a full-fledged replacement might be the best option in some circumstances.

For example, if the cost of a new roof is only slightly more than repair work, it might make more sense to do a full roof replacement. That’s especially true if the roof is getting too old for you to do any repair work. Insisting on repairs might prolong the roof’s life for up to five years while replacing it is good for the long-term. If anything, you could have to pay almost a similar amount to replace the roof in only a few years. That would cost you more than fresh roofing from the outset.

5. A Natural Disaster Has Damaged Your Roof

Imagine a situation where a natural disaster such as wind, a hurricane, or hail has just hit your hometown, causing irreparable damage to your house’s roof. Regardless of the roofing materials, your roof may require a total overhaul. Asphalt roofs are particularly prone to damage by natural disasters, making replacement the best option. That’s because natural disasters tend to compromise a roof’s structural integrity, significantly reducing its life and putting your home at risk. It doesn’t matter how localized the damage looks – you should consider completely fresh roofing.

To some homeowners’ it may seem like they are in luck for coming through a storm with a roof that looks as intact as can be. However, that depends on the quality of the craftsmanship and materials used on the roof. Moreover, it is hard to know the extent of the damage without first having a roofing contractor carry out a comprehensive assessment. Even if you have a high-quality metal roof, it is good to have it looked at to ensure no damage has been done by the storm.

6. You Want To Change the Look of Your Home

Apart from stopping moisture from getting into your home, a brand new roof can help revitalize the appeal your house has to outsiders. It is much better than swapping a few missing shingles. Fresh roofing gives your home a visual facelift that can make buyers scramble for it, regardless of the roofing material.

If you have an old asphalt shingle roof, you can make it look as good as new by having a roofing contractor install brand new shingles. The same applies to a metal roof that can last for decades without requiring replacement. Fresh roofing is one of the surest ways of giving it a new lease on life. It will improve curb appeal and increase home value.


When deciding whether or not to do fresh roofing or repairs, the choice isn’t too hard to make. If all you want is to stop roof leaks, then minor repairs should do the trick. Otherwise, extensive damage is one of the most evident signs that you need fresh roofing. The same is also true if you have existing structural damage to your roof due to a hurricane, for instance.

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