Composition asphalt roof shingles
What is a composition roof?

A composition roof is composed of multiple materials. Unlike other roofs, which may feature only one material, a composite roof may combine slate, paper, wood, and fiberglass materials. Apart from having a high aesthetic appearance, composite roofing is more long-lasting than some cheap roofing materials. Types of Composition Roofs Manufacturers of composition roofing make them […]

Man repairing and replacing roof shingles on a house roof
Do I need roof repairs or a roof replacement?

There comes a time when you have to consider whether to repair or replace your roof regardless of its materials. Your choice depends on several factors, including the roof’s age on your house and its materials. If your roof has minor damage, a simple shingle swapping can restore it to its original state, especially if […]

House with a nice roof on it
How Long Does a Roof Last?

Every homeowner or commercial building owner should have a rough idea of how long their roof can last so they can be sure to plan ahead to replace it when the time comes. Even if your roof isn’t due to be replaced soon, you should still keep an eye out for any damage your roof […]